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Tweed Boy
05 February 2009 @ 11:35 pm
Long term theme for my posts. Originally sparked by the Sony Bravia ad, i'm now up to five awesome advertisements which feature a song that i like.

1. Sony Bravia, featuring "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez

2. It's Easy to Lose Yourself in Melbourne, featuring "Sprout and the Bean" by Joanna Newsom

3. Mitusbishi Lancer, featuring "Polka" by Yves Klein Blue

4. Dulux, featuring "I Woke Up Today" by Port O'Brien

5. Vodafone, featuring "Because I Do" by Pearl and the Puppets

All these ads make me happy and i reckon you should check each one out.

Having said this, however, i still wouldn't buy a lancer ;-P


And since i've only just discovered "Pearl and the Puppets" - here's another song of theirs which i find infectiously cute:

I freaken love lo-fi recordings. Nothing quite the same as external ambient noise pollution =)

And lo-fi reminds me of Steve Poltz - i haven't been perusing his blog nearly often enough, so i'm well behind in his latest happenings. I'm sure i've all directed you to it before, but if you like the sound of a hilarious man who writes brilliant songs almost daily and then uploads them for people to download for free off his website - go check it out: http://poltz.com. You won't regret it...

Oh, and i just realised it's that time of year to jump back onto the Poltz bandwagon, unintentionally i seem to always think of him as it approaches VD . Yes, every year he tends to write a bitter song about that god-awful day of nothingness, Valentine's Day. Appropriately sharing its initials with venereal disease.
This old post of mine was crap, but if you scroll to the bottom, i linked to his stuff back then too =)
Tweed Boy
05 February 2009 @ 02:56 am
Usually i do gig-guide posts, but this is gonna feature things other than exclusively music and is more-or-less solely to remind me of stuff that is coming up in the near future, since i don't have a diary, nor am i working atm.

Feb 20/21 - Frente at Spiegeltent
Feb 22 - Reece's 11th birthday, Death Cab at Thebby
Feb 24/25 - Tim Freedman at Spiegeltent

Feb 27 - Fringe Opening Parade, Vee rocks in from Broken Hill
Feb 28 - Soundwave Festival
(NIN, Minus the Bear, The Subways, Bloodhound Gang, Alice in Chains)

Mar 01 - fly to Brisbane
Mar 01 - Amanda Palmer at Tivoli

Mar 03 - Mogwai at Tivoli
Mar 04 - Of Montreal at The Zoo
Mar 05 - catch a bus to Byron

Mar 06 - cousin's day at a Gold Coast theme park
Mar 07 - Dad's 50th at Grandma's (Bangalow)
Mar 08 - Family reunion, scattering of Nana's ashes at the Talofa Farm (where she grew up) and farewell 'ceremony' for Uncle Cyril (her brother who died in November - he requested no funeral, and he never had children, so it's just a quiet remembrance day for his sole remaining sister, half-siblings, nieces, nephews and their descendants)

Mar 09 - ?back to Brisbane
Mar 09/10/11 - ?back to Adelaide.

Fringe show's i'd like to go to:
Stephen K Amos - Mar 17-21
Judith Lucy - Mar 10-21 (except 16)
Otis Lee Crenshaw/Rich Hall - Mar 10-21 (except 16)
Greg Fleet - Mar 10-14; 17-21

Gothic Punch and Judy - nearly every night
Ca Va - Mar 13-22 (except 16)

? David O'Doherty - Mar 17-21
? Tripod - Mar 10-14
? Animal Farm - Mar 16
? Faulty Towers Dining Experience - Mar 6-22 (except 16 & 21)
? Die Roten Punkte - Mar 16-21

Mar 14 - OBall (Little Red, Children Collide, John Steel Singers) at Adelaide Uni
Mar 14/15 - CW Stoneking at Spiegeltent

Mar 19 - Frenzal Rhomb & Nancy Vandal at HQ

Mar 26 - The Who at Ent Centre

[V Festivals - Mar 28, Syd; Mar 29, GC; Apr 4, Melb; Apr 5, Perth]
(Killers, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs, Louis XIV, Elbow)

Apr 01 - Matt's 15th birthday
Apr 03 - Kaiser Chiefs at Thebby

Apr 17 - Ben Kweller at The Gov

Wow, so much cool stuff coming up =D

Let me know if there's any you want to come along to!! (Obviously referring to Fringe shows and gigs)
Tweed Boy
27 January 2009 @ 04:36 pm
The weather bureau keeps upping the fucking heat. Instead of 39 degrees, it's gonna be 41 on Friday for the Big Day Out. I wonder how many cases of heat exhaustion they're going to have to deal with.....

It's currently 41.9, and it reached a maximum of 43.2 at 3:20pm (80 minutes ago). That's 107 and 110 respectively. I guess i should consider myself lucky that my thermometer tells me it's currently 34.1 inside my bedroom and 39.6 outside... (93 & 103)

I need fucking airconditioning...

On the up-side, I'm going to the movies with neverreal  to see Milk on Thursday - that'll be an afternoon in airconditioning whilst seeing a movie i actually want to see. And with good company too. =)

Oh, and back to the heatwave, it's now forecast to be 42 tomorrow, 41 on Thursday and Friday (i.e. four days in a row over 40) and then 38, 37, 35, 33 for the following four days. Farck me.

Tweed Boy
27 January 2009 @ 04:03 am
I just read chapters 10 and 11 of E's book. The former is about his sister's suicide; the latter about his mother's death from terminal cancer. I knew they were both coming, but he writes about it so fucking well. I don't think i've ever cried whilst reading a book before, but i just bawled my eyes out at the end of chaper eleven. So fucking heartbreaking.

I love this book. E is now top of my list of people i'd like to have dinner with.

Time to continue reading, i just felt like i needed to tell someone immediately - and given it's four o'clock in the morning, i don't think anyone would appreciate an sms... [mainly looking at you Ash]

edit: it's now 6.15am and i just finished reading it. I reckon that's the fastest i've read a book ever. It's a must-read, in fact i'm fucking tempted to buy 20 copies of it and post to friends who i think would appreciate it (including one Trash McSweeney). Ok, time for a few hours of sleep.....

Tweed Boy
19 January 2009 @ 03:13 pm
[edited to now contain the youtube clip of Labour of Love - you should check it out, especially if you don't know it or had forgotten how brilliant a song it is]

So it has been a while since i last posted - as pointed out by ohmy  the other day. I guess my life has just been meandering along its course of nothing-much-ness...

But last night something made me VERY excited. Frente! are reforming and playing in Adelaide on February 20th!!!!!
I know Angie Hart plays in Adelaide semi-regularly, and i'm ashamed to admit every time she's come i've had a cbf attitude and haven't seen any of her gigs. But this time it's her band reforming and playing at the Spiegeltent, and even though it's $40 (as opposed to her solo shows which are usually less than $15) i'm CERTAINLY gonna go. You see, Frente! were possibly my biggest guilty pleasure as a young teenager.

I was just reading the lyrics from their best song (Labour of Love) and decided i should share them with you all:

Frente! - Labour of Love

oh am i fooling you?
do you fall for it all
or do you just see right through?
are you as cool as you believe?
are you playing hard?
are you waiting just to quietly clock my card?
are you waiting for a moment to leave?

i don't know how i bent what you said
to what i believe you meant
i don't know anything at all
i'm standing in the push and shove
and i'm just within the rescue
of the labour of your love
i can't do anything but fall
a-fall, a-fall-fall-fall
why do i feel like i can never find you?
why do i feel like i'm the only survivor?
why am i thinking of -
you and me and the labour of love?

one chance, one shot
that's all anybody ever got
newborn still warm
naked in the rush hour
dancing in my gutter
and if you want to find me
call me, i'll be far from
the cars and guitars and
why do i feel like i can never find you?
why do i feel like i'm the only survivor?
why am i thinking of -
you and me and the labour of love?

and i never knew before
but i feel like a child in a cold, cold war
so strong, so tough
sitting in suburbia, waiting for the wind up
and i don't want to dance
i just want to jump from the prison of circumstance
why am i thinking of -
you and me and the labour of love?
why do i feel like i can never find you?
why do i feel like i'm the only survivor?
why am i thinking of -
you and me and the labour of love?

It's such a great song. I know when people think of Frente! they think generic pop band from the early 90s with that throwaway infectiously catchy ditty "Accidentally Kelly Street" but they are so much more than that. Their cover of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" would also have to be one of my favourite cover songs of all time (right up there with Nouvelle Vague's cover of "Too Drunk to Fuck", TRP's cover of "Sing" and Even's cover of "And Your Bird Can Sing")

Anyway, so Rob is a little excitable at the moment at the prospect of seeing one of his favourite bands from sixteen years ago. Cripes, it makes me feel old though...
Tweed Boy
10 January 2009 @ 03:13 am
Ok, so most of you here are also on my facebook friends list, so you've probably seen my ridiculous status updates full of excitableness. If not, let me tell you that Wednesday and Thursday nights were THE BEST festival experience(s) of my goddamn life!

Wednesday began sitting in the shade waiting for SoKo to hit the stage. About five minutes before she was due to begin i headed up front centre for her set and found myself in the middle of a group of about twenty-thirty odd massive fans. Now, she has a shy persona on stage - but i swear our little miasma of fans in the middle of the crowd lifted most the anxiety off her chest. Every time she looked in our direction she cracked a smile. Even when she broke into tears part-way through one of her songs all it took was a glance in our direction and her tears were interrupted by a smirk and a glimpse of laughter. She powered her way through the set, playing not only ukelele and guitar, but she also jumped behind the drumkit for a couple of songs. Sure she mightn't be the most accomplished musician, but she has an aura around her that is hard to describe. A few of her songs had a definite feel of Bright Eyes (circa "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning") which can't be a bad thing. The crowd loved her, and i think she loved the crowd too.

After her set i had walked a bit further back to the side waiting for Gomez to hit the stage when she appeared from the backstage area. A few people had their photo taken with her and went up to her and thanked her for coming to Australia and truthfully told her it was one of the best performances i had ever seen. Then a few more people bugged her for photographs, and i had a slightly longer chat asking if she was going to be back in Australia before the end of the year and if so, could she please come to Adelaide. She admitted that she really wanted to come to Adelaide but couldn't squeeze it in on this tour. I mentioned that i flew to Brisbane almost exclusively to see her (well, i was going to travel somewhere to see her, Brisbane had the added bonus of all the other bands at the festival) and also mentioned that i had emailed her tour manager hoping they might fit an Adelaide show in. She had a great big beaming smile on her face and gave me a huge hug. It was magic. As i jokingly said to Mischa earlier this evening - i'd turn vegan for SoKo at the drop of a hat, but wouldn't for McSweeney. Lol.

Next up were Gomez. I had planned on standing back towards the side for their set, but the first few songs made me wanna dance, so i slid surreptitiously (read: rudely pushed) my way towards front centre again. Their set was tremendous - a good bunch of old and new, including my two favourites (R&B Alibi and We Haven't Turned Around). Towards the end of their set Ben threw a pick off the stage and somehow it managed to find it's way over the heads of the front ten or so rows and pretty much land in my lap. So i'm now the proud owner of a Gomez plectrum =)

After Gomez i trekked over to the Riverstage (main stage) and unfortunately caught the last few songs of Faker's set who were typically lame. After they departed i'd managed to meander my way down the amphitheatre towards the front (and very nearly stacked it on the step between the grass and the pavers - which i didn't see). The Kooks were up next and they were, well, disappointing but still quite good. I had high expectations of them, and they were good, but not as good as i'd been hoping.

And finally, The Hives. Between the end of the Kooks set and the start of the Hives, i'd managed to weasel my way forwards and was only about five people deep in the centre of the main stage. And OMFG The Hives were INCREDIBLE!! Absolutely resplendent in their white suits (which didn't last long in the hot, humid Brisbane evening) they put on one of the most fierce displays of rock music i have seen in a long time! These crazy Swedes know how to rock and they rocked my fucking socks off. An hour of absolute bliss. They pulled out a lot of songs from the archives which made me happy, given i discovered them in 2002 and this was the first time i'd managed to see them live. Highlights for mine were Walk Idiot Walk, Hate To Say I Told You So, Main Offender and Tick Tick Boom. It was also one of the best moshpits i'd been in in ages. A few moments of pushing and crushing when i had brief feelings of "i'm too old for this shit, i'm gonna die" but for the most it was just up and down great fun. Only a few crowd-surfers, so a big kudos to the Brisvegas crowd. Their drummer threw a ridiculous amount of drumsticks off the stage during their set, must've been at least ten, of which one of them was caught simultaneously by four people, including myself. However five hands were on the drumstick, hence i figured the guy who got both his mitts on it deserved it. However, one of the other guys didn't agree to this theory, so they played paper, scissors, rock to determine the person who would keep it. Luckily the guy with both hands on it won the game and took it home.

Thursday. Now this was the day that i wasn't expecting much from. I arrived early again to beat the rush (apparently there was a 45 minute lineup at 5pm the previous day) so i was there in time to see Kat Frankie on the hibiscus stage. She was amazing. In a weird doppelganger twist, Andy, her bass player, reminded me a bit of Andrew, my friend Katrina's boyfriend. Then i realised her name is Kat as well. Bizarre. I don't assume they're a couple, but it'd be funny if they were.

After this i decided to catch a bit of CW Stoneking, given there was nothing i wanted to see until I Heart Hiroshima at 5pm. Now i had no idea what to expect, but i certainly didn't expect a crazy old-ish looking man with a southern US accent playing a steel body guitar backed with a brass section complete with cornet, trombone and tuba! It was a very interesting mix of big-band and cabaret that was quite entertaining. But the most entertainment during their set was some dude in the audience who had a bag full of grapes. He was entertaining us by attempting to throw grapes into the mouths of willing volunteers from vast distances. There were at least two spectacular successes that i witnessed - where he threw a single grape in excess of thirty metres to be caught in an open mouth. Rather incredible. Hilariously, during one of Stoneking's solo songs his band members encouraged Mr Grape to attempt to throw onto stage and land one in their mouths! Good fun times.

I left CW Stoneking about twenty minutes before they were due to finish to head over to the Riverstage for I Heart Hiroshima, arriving perfectly on time. They had a sizeable crowd, a large portion of which were dancing their butts away on the pavers. I probably enjoyed watching the people dancing more than watching the band themselves. It wasn't the best set i've seen them perform, but the crowd certainly enjoyed it, especially when they played their JJJ hit Punks.

Next up was Santogold. What an utter waste of time he was. A man who plays CDs on stage and gets applause for his choices is not a musician imo. He wasn't even sampling/mixing/doing anything original. Just playing CDs and prancing like a tool. Yuck.
(edit: as per the comments below, i got this wrong. Santogold is in fact the woman who sang over the top of the DJ who had "warmed up" the audience. I still found it pretty boring.

Next up were The Grates. Patience apparently sprained her ankle whilst bouncing around on the Southbound stage earlier in the week, so it was rather bizarre to see her perform the entire set whilst seated in a massive chair, looking rather like Alice. They were typically excellent, but it really lacked the energy without Patience bouncing around like she's on a trampoline (pun intended).

And finally Franz Ferdinand. OMG! I saw Franz at the 2006 BDO in Perth, but was jammed up against the side attempting to get into the D-barrier, so i didn't really enjoy it as much as i should've. But this time i was RIGHT up the front, for the first time in my life i found myself leaning on the front barrier about five metres to the right of centre. They played an impeccably perfect set, selecting songs from throughout their career. Personal highlights were This Fire, Dark of the Matinee and, of course, Take Me Out. Not to be outdone by The Hives the night before, at the very end of their encore, lead singer Alex Kapranos stage dived into the audience. A spectacular end to a spectacular festival.

Then, the icing on the cake, i managed to get my mitts on a Franz Ferdinand pick. So yes, not only did SoKo hug me, i caught a Gomez pick and a Hives drumstick, but i also got a Franz pick. Win, win, win(ish) and win! Best festival EVER!!!


Oh, and to add the cherry on top of it all, on the way home i met a girl at the Mater Hill bus station and sat there having a chat with her for a good 40-odd minutes whilst we waited for her bus to come by. Meanwhile about ten busses i could've caught went past, but then a 150 came by immediately after her bus came so i made it back to Garbo quickly. Got her number too =)
Tweed Boy
02 January 2009 @ 06:29 pm
ok, sober and living in one location again - hence it's time to sort out my upcoming gig schedule. Unfortunately i've stuffed up and forgot that Gomez & The Black Keys were playing Brisbane on the 5th, so i'll arrive up there the morning after :-(
I could've seen Gomez at The Gov tonight, but it's $60, which is absurd given it's cheaper to see them in any other state of Australia including the shows with The Black Keys (who aren't playing here). I've been meaning to buy my Nick Cave ticket for a while, so i best do that soon.

Anyway, here are a few i'm either going to, or contemplating...

Jan 7 - Sunset Sounds (The Hives, The Kooks, SoKo, Gomez, Tegan and Sara + others), Riverside Stage, Brisvegas, $129.
Jan 8 - Sunset Sounds (Franz Ferdinand, The Grates, I Heart Hiroshima + others), Riverside Stage, Brisvegas, additional $21.

Jan 14 - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Thebarton Theatre, $76.
Jan 23 - Screaming Jets, The Gov, $28.60
Feb 3 - Cold War Kids, The Gov, $54.60
Feb 8 - The Waifs, The Gov, $52.90
Feb 9 - The Streets, HQ, $69

Feb 13 - Jose Gonzalas, The Gov, $47.40
Feb 28 - Soundwave (NIN, Minus the Bear, Bloodhoung Gang, The Subways + others), Bonython Park, $130.
Mar 26 - The Who, Entertainment Centre, $129 or $199 (VIP)

and then there are two bands touring, but not coming to Adelaide whom i'll almost definitely travel to see:
Mar 3 - Tivoli, Qld
Mar 4 - Enmore, NSW
Mar 5 - The Forum, Vic

Of Montreal
Feb 28 - Beck's Music Box, WA
Mar 3 - Manning Bar, NSW
Mar 4 - The Zoo, Qld
Mar 5 - Hifi Bar, Vic

hence i'll either go to Brisbane or Sydney and see them on consecutive nights. Although, i could very well be living in Brisbane and have to travel home to Adelaide for Soundwave (or sell my Adelaide ticket and buy one for Brisbane)...

Oh, and i just checked the Soundwave Festival timetable and none of the four bands i want to see clash = YAY!
1.40 - 2.15 The Subways (main stage)
4.20 - 5.00 Minus the Bear (stage six)
5.20 - 6.05 Bloodhound Gang (stage two)
8.20 - 10.00 NIN (main stage)

and then i'll probably catch these guys early in the day:
12.30 - 1.05 Less Than Jake
1.05 - 1.40 Goldfinger

nothing at all i care about between 2.15 and 4.20. Are "Saves the Day" any good? :-/
Unfortunately Alkaline Trio clash with Bloodhound Gang, but i'll choose the latter easliy.

And then Alice in Chains are on at 7.10 - 8.10, so i guess i'll see them for the sake of it.
Tweed Boy
24 December 2008 @ 01:23 pm
Someone posted this on the Sigur Ros LJ community - it made me laugh, so i thought i should share it with my friends...


Tweed Boy
08 December 2008 @ 07:50 pm
The Killers, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs and Louis XIV are all announced for V Festival. I think i may have to travel for that too. Or perhaps i should just fucking move interstate. Fucking Adelaide.
Tweed Boy
08 December 2008 @ 07:45 pm

"Of Montreal to Tour Nationally"



Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne is NOT a national tour!


Feb 28 Beck's Music Box WA
Mar 03 Manning Bar - Sydney University NSW
Mar 04 The Zoo QLD
Mar 05 The Hi-Fi VIC

They could EASILY fit a March 1st or 2nd show in Adelaide. And at only $40 per ticket and since they're only playing smallish venues in other cities - they could EASILY sell 500 tickets to a show at The Gov.

Time to petition!!!!!!!!